Exhibit Details

Space Requirements The full exhibit consists of 59 images printed to 24×36” horizontal, and framed to 30×40”. Although the rest of this page provides figures for the full exhibit, venues may elect to rent and exhibit part of the exhibit. Please contact us for details. Each frame, equipped with a hanging wire and two “D” rings, is ready for installation. This is a 2D exhibit, although spacers can be used. Linear space (10-inch spacing): 246 feet for a single row, 125 feet for two stacked rows.

Exhibition Cost. The standard rental fee for the exhibit is $2,000 per 8-week exhibition period, however, there is flexibility. Shipping for round trip (if shipped to Artist) or shipping from the previous hosting institution will be the responsibility of Venue. While on display and in transit, artwork should be insured for up to $24,000 of material costs.

Shipping. Artwork is shipped in 20 cardboard boxes with foam inserts. Each box weights 45 lbs, measures 44x36x7 inches, and holds three framed prints. Our packing has been designed to be compact and robust enough that it can be shipped using standard carriers instead of art shippers, which drastically reduces shipping costs compared to pallets and crates. With Fedex, one-way shipping cost varies between $800 and $2,000 depending on continental U.S. location.

Support Materials. For each image, we provide a ready-to-use label with the location, date, and a short description of the National Park and the Artist’s experience while making the photograph. Venue may also create their labels based on our text or InDesign files. Many visitors have commented how much they have appreciated those texts. Also provided with the exhibit: Handling and installation instructions including suggested hanging order, wall text, digital images for publicizing the exhibit, one copy each of the large format books America’s Fifty-Nine National Parks (limited edition catalog), Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey through America’s National Parks.

Additional Materials. Various videos are available. Other interpretive materials, especially about the National Parks, may be added at venue’s discretion.

Proposed Public Programs. Artist is available for opening reception, lectures, and audio-visual presentations, gallery talks, book signings, and media interviews. His UCSB Arts and Lectures presentation was attended by more than 400. Travel expenses are the responsibility of Venue.

Security and Environmental requirements. Moderate security. Limited-access only. No direct sunlight on prints (sunlight in room OK), no fluorescent light without filters.

Sale of Artwork. If desired, direct sales are possible, and a commission will be paid to the Venue for each work directly sold. Prints will be shipped from the Artist’s studio to the buyer at Artist’s charge.