Treasured Lands — America’s National Parks
59 large format color photographic images, one for each US National Park.

  QT Luong is the only photographer known to have made large-format photographs in all 59 national parks. The Active Times wrote that he may have a more diverse parks experience than any other living person. The project- his life work – spanning more than 20 years, is distinguished by continued wilderness travels, depth of geographic and thematic scope, and skilled craftsmanship. It earned him a spot as a character in the popular Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan PBS series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea (2009).

The clarity and scale of the main photographs (*) made with a 5×7 inch film camera – in the classic American landscape photography tradition – sets them apart as works of art, allowing the viewers to see the beauty of the land from a personal perspective. Short notes about the photographs add to the educational aspect. Because the exhibit features images from each of the US National Parks, it opens the viewers’ eyes to a natural variety that few have suspected.

The New York Times writes of the multiple award-winning companion book Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey through America’s National Parks: “The centennial of the National Park Service has been the occasion of […] many books. The most glorious of these is TREASURED LANDS . . . No one has captured the vast beauty of America’s landscape as comprehensively.”

To the best of our knowledge Treasured Lands is the only set of color images of the 59 parks ready to exhibit. It is our hope that the exhibit will propel visitors on a personal journey to visit, appreciate, and help preserve this magnificent but fragile land.

(*) For even more diversity, several other photographic series have become available, encompassing viewpoints on nature that range from the macroscopic to the microscopic, and also more conceptual images that examine the National Park idea.

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