QT Luong celebrates the splendor and variety of the natural and human heritage with his photography. He has been privileged to travel through an immense geographic range, from climbing to the top of the coldest mountain on earth (Denali) to diving under tropical seas (Virgin Islands).

Born to Vietnamese parents in Paris, France, he was trained as a scientist (PhD U. Paris). The revelation of the high Alps led him to become a mountain climber and wilderness guide. When he came to the US to conduct research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing for what was to be a short stay, he chose UC Berkeley, because of the proximity to Yosemite–a world class rock climbing destination.

There, he felt in love with the National Parks and decided to photograph all of them with a 5×7 large format camera , a single-handed, self-financed, monumental project that had not been completed by anyone before. To that effect, he settled in the San Francisco Bay Area and started crisscrossing this country to capture its diverse beauty. QT’s in-depth coverage of the Parks often dictated long hikes into the backcountry, with a 75 lb backpack, and only his passion and dedication to keep him company. By 2002, he had visited each of the (then) 58 National Parks. He subsequently left his distinguished career as a scientist to work as a full-time photographer. In 2009, Ken Burns featured him as one of the few living characters in his film “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”.

QT is the founder of the primary online resource for large format photography. His photographs have been the subject of four coffee-table books, including the best-selling Treasured Lands, winner of six national book awards. They have appeared in several publications from National Geographic, Time, Life, Outside, Scientific American, GEO, and many others in dozens of countries around the world. His work has been profiled or reviewed in publications such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury News, Outdoor Photographer, National Geographic Explorer, Parks, and has been seen in galleries and museum exhibitions on both coasts. However, he reached his largest audience through, one of the most visited of all individual photographers websites.